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Micheldever Woods

Published: May 6th 2019

Tina and I spent a number of hours exploring the magical location of Micheldever woods in Hampshire today and we took hundreds of photos! I had visited the location one day earlier in the week around evening time but on that occasion I didn't have enough power in my battery and the light levels were very low. So I decided to return and this time Tina came along with me, the Husband and Wife photography team. So the photos you see in this blog post are a mixture of our shots!

At one point I was composing a shot when Tina tapped me on the back and pointed into the woodland, there was a gorgeous little Muntjac Deer who seemed very comfortable with our presence to an extent. Neither of us had long lenses so I settled for an environmental shot instead which considering is a fabulous scene in itself, I was rather proud of.


It was no surprise that as we edged closer, he took fright and darted into the denser woodlands where only the animals know best.

Micheldever is mostly deciduous woodland comprising of beech trees and at this time of year quite a lot of bluebells still. There are plenty of old fallen trees, branches and so on, which make for great subjects. One particular image I liked whilst doing the edit for this article, was this one, taken by Tina.

Fern detail

I used my tripod for all of the shots and no filters were used, though I have done some work in Lightroom afterwards, mostly around curves and some other minor edits. I tend to use the "Lightroom Landscape" profile setting to start with and then go from there.

Ferns are also coming into their own now as Spring continues to evolve all around us and we both incorporated them in our photos quite a lot.


On our way home I came across a woodland of Wild Garlic and I just had to pull over, grab the camera and dive in! Well not quite diving in but I am sure you get my drift. The scent was quite powerful and I noted the road we drove past seconds beforehand was "Garlic Lane", which I thought was wonderfully apt :-)